Sunday, October 10, 2010

Presenting our Projects


This was the first Sunday that we had the projects for our Super Saturday displayed. Since orders are due next week, I thought I would help in the decision process by picturing our crafts and explaining what will be entailed.

Super Saturday starts at 10am and will last till 2pm. We are hosting 8 crafts with a free cooking demo at lunch time after we feast on a Pasta Bar.

There are three 1 hour classes, and 5 half hour classes. I will post projects as they are scheduled during the day. You only need to come for your projects. And to enjoy the yummy lunch and free demo!

We are starting at 10 am with the Christ Nativity wood set and the Pyrex/Glass Etching.

The Pyrex/Glass Etching is free for the first two things you want to do, $1 for each additional.

We will supply Armour Etche, contact paper, plastic gloves, brush, and a few craft knives(if you have your own please bring one).

You will also need to bring a print out of the word or image you wish to put on your Pyrex so you can cut it out of the contact paper. Free hand is always an option but will not look as good(my picture is free hand)

This is the first half hour class, but the table will remain open so everyone has a chance to make 2 free items if they want. This does need to be chosen so we know demand and have needed materials.

The Christ Nativity is $15. This one may be limited due to how long it takes to cut out.

Still order if you want it, they will be given out in the same order the requests for it are received. I will know number available by October 17th.

Both pictures are unfinished, the first one has the lamb and the "I" without the roof. The second one I left out the lamb(because I liked it better that way) and the "I" has the roof. Both are missing the twisted metal and yellow star that will be above the "I."

This is our 1 hour class. The wood will need to be sanded, then painted. I may have scrap paper as an option as well. I will update this when I finish mine.

We will provide everything necessary for this project. Which includes the wood, sand paper, paint, paper, modge podge, brushes, and metal.

The next half hour class starts at 10:30 and will be the Temple Plaques.

Temple Plaque $4.25
These are approx 6"x6.5" and are made by painting the wood edge, then layering the scrapbook paper with the temple picture.
The temples available are Salt Lake or Louisville. Please ask if you need another and I can see if it is available. Wording choice is plain, "Aspire to something higher," "I'm going there someday," and "Families are Forever."
Material provided is wood plaque, paper, temple picture and ribbon. We will provide sand paper, staple gun, and modge podge.
You may bring your own paper to match the room you want to decorate is you wish.
The temple plaque pictured is more adult in color, but using pinks or blues would make this perfect for a child's room.
At 11am we will start the 1 hour Scripture Tote class and the half hour gather hope tile set.

Placemat Scripture Tote $5
If you want to bring your own placemat it is $4
This project requires the use of a sewing machine so some knowledge is beneficial. I have cream and green placemats available to choose from(or bring your own).
Ribbon, fabric, thread, flowers, and a few other decorative items will be provided in a few basic colors. You may also bring your own embellishment.
We will need sewing machines as I only own one. So please bring your own if you have one, or let us borrow a few so this project can be finished in time by all. Please let me know ahead of time if you can bring/loan one.
Cream placemat is shown decorated.

These are the two color choices of placemats that are provided at the $5 dollar price. They are Cream or Green and they must be chosen on order form so I know to have the right amount.
You may buy your own and bring it. Below are a few ideas of available placemats and where to find them.

These are available at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $3. They have great colors and a fun texture.

These quilted ones are double sided and have scalloped edge. They are $3 at Wal-Mart and come in colors pictured plus a brown that for some reason did not get in photo.

The half hour class is the Gather hope tile set.
Gather Hope Tile Set $12
The board will be pre-painted black when you receive it. You will need to nail in the 3 nails, put the vinyl on the tiles, and glue the ribbon on the back of the tile so it will hang on the nails.
Glue, hammer, tape, and rulers will be provided at the table to complete project.
At 11:30 we will start the 2x4 Pumpkin class.
2x4 Pumpkins are available in two sizes.
Small is $1.50 (approx 3.5 inches)
Large $2 (approx 7 inches)
The Small Pumpkin consists of three 2x4 pieces cut approx 3.5 inches in height. Plus a yard of green ribbon.
The Large Pumpkin consists of four 2x4 pieces cut approx 7 inches in height. Plus 4 feet of green ribbon.
Wood will need to be sanded. then painted orange and then distressed if you wish, before ribbon is tied around wood for finished project. These are fun and quick!

At noon we will stop crafting for food. We will provide a Pasta Bar and hope that we can have fruit and treats brought potluck by crafters.
As we eat we will have a 45 minute cooking Demo to watch.
At 1pm we will start crafting again with the 1 hour class Living Christ decorated Mat and half hour Satin Flower hair clips.
Living Christ Decorated Mat
Kit with just pictures $6(bring own mat)
Kit with Pictures and Mat $10
Need to know by October 13th if you want to do this project.
Both kits will include the templates and instructions to cut out pictures. Plus the Living Christ. The way i framed it in Mat we are losing a few names from the Quorum of the12, but I preferred that to the alternative of shrinking it in black and white.
We will proved scissors, cutting boards, brushes, tape and Modge podge at tables.

This is the picture packet of 12 Christ painting by Greg Olsen that we will be using. I have 5 already, but I will need to know if you intend to do this Project by October 13th so I can make an order for more this week to have them shipped in time for the Super Saturday.

Half hour class is Satin Flower Clips.

Satin Flower Clips (set of 2) $3.50
We will have different colored fabrics available. Plus pearl like beads or white gems to choose for centers.
Circle templates will be provided in kits as well as two alligator clips(one per flower)
Flowers pictured are not finished but provide the two different design choices available. Namely, cutting petals or keeping circular.
This craft does require a heat source. Since we will be using candles this will need to be done outside after circles are cut out. Weather permitting. I will update with finished product when I have a photo.
The last half hour is designated as a clean up/ help finish projects time.
Hope you are able to make it, or at least get a kit ordered for the project you would like!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Proposed Super Saturday Projects

Our Ward Super Saturday will be held on October 23, 2010, starting at 10am and lasting until 2pm.

As a goal this year we wanted all our crafts to center on Christ and his teachings. After scouring the web we have found some amazing craft ideas for it. Thanks to any who see there project ideas portrayed! We love your creativity!!

Listed below will be a picture of each craft with a brief description of it. As I make my own examples I will update the picture so you will have a more exact representation of each craft.

I hope this helps for a speedy ordering process when the order forms are passed out on October 9th. I will update this with correlating prices as they are figured out in the next weeks.

This is a wood Nativity set made from the word "Christ" with the I being the manger and star. Included in kit will be everything seen in picture. Since my husband will be cutting out each letter and figure(taking 1hour each set) we will be limiting the number of sets available.
Class is an hour but will probably take most a little longer since you will be sanding, and painting each letter and figure.

This is a framed Living Christ with a mat that has been decorated with 12 Greg Olsen pictures of Christ.
The kit will include the The Living Christ (81/2x11) and 12 Greg Olsen pictures. We will have instructions(and tools needed) on how to cover the mat you bring.
Note: You will provide your own frame and mat

This is a plaque of three tiles that read "gather hope," "share faith," and "offer prayer." It will be able to be hung or put on a stand.
Kit will include 3 tiles, painted plaque, vinyl, 3 nails, and ribbon.
Note: stand not included

Place mat scripture tote.

Kit will include place mat, ribbon, flowers, and other accessories to choose from.
We will have a few different place mats to choose from(you can always bring your own too and that will lessen the cost), with a few ribbon types, flowers and other accessories to choose from.
There is sewing involved.

We will be etching onto pyrex or glass.
We will be providing the contact paper and the Armour Etch. You will need to bring in the pyrex you want to Etche your name onto.
You will need to provide a print out of your last name from any computer font . Then cut it out of the contact paper.
Note: You will be limited to number of items

Temple wall plaque.
Kit will include wood, ribbon, and picture with three choices of sayings:
"I'm going there some day"
"Aspire to something higher"
"Families are Forever"
We do have different Temple options too.
A variety of scrapbook paper will be provided for the background so you can match it to the room you are going to hang it in.

2x4 Pumkin
Kit will include 4 pieces of wood and green ribbon.
We will provide sand paper and paint.
Note: we may provide two sizes of pumkins to choose from.

Satin flower hair clips.
Kit includes enough fabric for two flowers, 2 centers, alligator clip and ribbon to cover it.
We will have a variety of colored satins to choose from. Plus different types of items for the center.
This craft involves a candle and holding fabric near it to form circle rounds on flower. So I hope you aren't afraid of a little warmth!

I hope you find something that interests you!! There will also be a cooking demo!! Come and enjoy!